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The Coterie (co-te-rie)

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The Coterie is finally here! 


I know you are asking, well, what exactly is The Coterie? I am finna to tell you. 

It is an intimate and exclusive group for Black women to release societal ideologies, rewrite their narrative, and create healthy lives to embrace their God-given purpose! In short, it is one dope, loving, supportive community for Black women over 30 years old!


If you read my newsletters and follow me on social media you know I preach "community is important." Community is important for so many reasons ( see the reminder at the bottom of the email). The hard part is finding the right community! When you are in connection with the right people transformation happens! I've seen it and swear by it! 


I am inviting you to join The Coterie -a free private Facebook community 

Click here to join


Whom does the Coterie serve? To start Black women, 30 years old and older. The Coterie serves anyone who struggles with systematic and societal ideologies of what a Black woman should be and do! The Coterie is for the mature Black woman who is looking to shed and disrobe other people's perceptions of them and live free, free indeed! 


We will have courageous conversations about being a Black woman, intersectionality, code-switching, strong Black woman persona, religion, patriarchy, boundaries and so much more. 

I am looking for women who want to turn the world upside down with purpose and passion! I want trouble makers- good troublemakers :) I am the lead troublemaker!


Let me touch on who this group is NOT for:
  • Those who are okay with the status quo

  • Those who have already arrived and feel they cannot grow and benefit from a supportive community

  • Those who are timid and fearful of tough conversations

  • Men- Sorry, guys somethings are best discussed in the company of other women

  • Women younger than 30 years old- It takes age and experience to grasp some of the topics we will discuss 


If you desire to be heard, felt, and seen then this group is for you! If you feel the energy of this email go ahead and join. That's God trying to tell you something!! 



Here are 5 reasons why you need a dope, supportive community:

1. The worst place you can be is in your feelings and your head. We need folks to talk to! 

2. We need someone to tell us it will be okay. 

3. Presence means so much. Sometimes we just need someone to sit with us. 

4. You deserve someone to support you. How many people do you support?? Yup, see, you need someone to support you in return! 

5. We are not meant to be alone. Success, personal and professional, happens in relationships. Relationships are a blessing from God. God shows favor through relationships!!



I am inviting you to join The Coterie -a free private Facebook community 

Click here to join

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