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VIP Day with Dr. Tasha 

Get a strategic plan in one day! 

Hi, I'm Dr. Tasha, The VIP Strategist

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What is a VIP ( Very Important Person) Day? 
A VIP day is a virtual or in-person event that allows me to spend the entire day (about 5 hours) dedicated to one or more clients being hyper-focused on a specific outcome. The goal is to get done in one day which would take weeks!! It's the accelerated way for busy yet ambitious people. You'll get my experience and expertise in ONE


Who is the Pray. Plan. Affirm. Execute. Repeat. VIP DAY For? 

For Black women thirty-five years and older who are:

  • Sick of following someone else’s prescription for their life;

  • Have done life’s checklist but still feel empty inside;

  • Ready to stop looking externally for answers and look inward;

  • Know life has more in store for them but don’t know how to get there;

  • Don’t have time to wait six to eight weeks for results—they need answers now!

If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.


Who I Am?

My name is Dr. Natasha Wright. I was not born into a privileged family. We worked for everything we had. My grandparents owned property and cleaning business. My mom worked at a stop-and-shop and was a Certified Nurse Assistant until she went back to school. My dad worked in construction.


Nobody taught me about financial literacy—I had to learn those lessons the hard way. I wound up pregnant at twenty and amassed credit card debt I couldn’t pay while working part-time at a bank. I ended up filing bankruptcy at the age of t5wenty-three! It took me twelve years to complete a two-year degree, and I didn’t have much of a plan for what I would do when I graduated.


In 2016, I was right where you are now. I was just coming out of a divorce I didn’t want but knew needed to happen. I was thirty-seven years old, and I’d spent decades living life’s checklist of high school graduation, college, career, marriage, kids, Bible studies, and church Sundays. I’d been told this was what would make me feel fulfilled, but I didn’t. I felt empty. Something was missing, and I knew it. I just didn’t know what it was.


Today, I know the purpose that God created me for, and I am living my dream life. I have a doctorate degree and I am the owner of three thriving businesses along with property. My credit score is over 800, and all my bills are paid on time and in full.

Best of all, I wake up every morning free to choose how I want to live my day. I am honored and blessed to be working with the women I work with, and I am empowered to help others do the same.


It’s my goal to help you find the shortcut that will take you from feeling stuck living someone else’s vision for your life to the freedom of living your dreams, rather than wasting even one more day doing work that isn’t bringing you the sense of joy, fulfillment, and passion that living your dreams will bring you.


The Journey to Awakening Begins Now

My “Journey to Awakening” VIP Day Sessions provide guidance that will take you from the land of limitation and frustration to the land of freedom and abundance that’s waiting for you. And you will achieve this in just three steps:

  1. Pray: I am going to awaken you to your unique purpose in life by helping you discern what it is that God created you to do.

  2. Plan: I’m going to help you get crystal clear about how your dream life looks and what kind of work you want to be doing when you get there.

  3. Execute: I’m going to work with you to build a twelve-week strategic plan that will take you in the right direction to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Testimonial 1

“Dr. Natasha Wright is true to the game. Her expertise in creating a safe and balanced atmosphere, while encouraging you to be the BEST you can be, is so refreshing. She has a wealth of information and genuine concern to see women excel and flourish. I am so glad to be part of the vision that she has to see women become brilliant at what they love to do. She is not just a coach but a cheerleader, excited to see you grow.” –Carolyn, Owner of Peaches Chili


What Is Included in Your

“Journey to Awakening” VIP Day

Every woman who signs up to begin their “Journey to Awakening” receives:

  • A sixty-minute onboarding session;

  • Five to six hours of in-person or virtual coaching session with me;

  • A twelve-week individualized strategy with all the steps you need to take to start moving in the direction of your promised land;

  • Thirty days of support via email and/or Voxer;

  • A sixty-minute post-session follow-up call so we can be sure you stay on track.


Testimonial 2

“Dr. Natasha Wright is my mentor, business coach, life coach, role model, and spiritual role model.  If there was a way I could make these words cry, I would.  Dr. Wright has impacted my life so much from personal, family, and business growth. Since working with her, I have had more peace, more joy, clarity, and an unheard-of abundance of hope, seven days a week. 

“Because of this, I am forever thankful for her. Her beauty, confidence, integrity,  intellect,  and compassion are like no other. She is always available to give you exactly what you need.  I love and appreciate everything she has taught me. I look forward to seeing the end results of her work in my endeavors. As she would sometimes say and I believe wholeheartedly, that "We are gonna do this thing!!!” – Kelly, Owner, and Founder of Kelly Cares


Don’t Stay Stuck Where You Are

If you’re ready to stop living a life you hate and start building a strategy that will deliver your dreams to you, I encourage you to submit your discovery form now. I’m looking forward to serving you!


Testimonial 3

“Dr. Natasha has been coaching me through my business process. I opened up my Fitness/Nutrition business in April 2021. During this time, she has taught me the skills of organization, goal setting, accountability, and taking action! When times were tough and I allowed life to get in the way of my growth, Natasha pulled me right in to help me stay on the path and stay focused. Her motivation and empowering words help me stay strong and on the path to success! I will recommend Natasha to anyone I know! She is my #1 Coach!!!!” – Aja, Owner of Let’s Get It Fitness


It's Time to Start Living Your Dreams!

Whether your business is just getting started or has been operating for a while but you’ve not yet found the sense of fulfillment and freedom you desire, the “Journey to Awakening” VIP Day can help you take rapid, massive action that will have you living your dream life sooner than you ever thought possible. Submit your discovery form now and let me help you turn your dreams into your new reality.

Pray. Plan. Affirm. Execute. Repeat. BUSINESS Edition

Pray. Plan. Execute. VIP Business Day is for women who: 

  •  want to start a business but can't seem to think their way through the details 

  •  are business owners already who may need a strategy to take their business to the next level. 

Here's what is included in the VIP Day:

  • 60-minute onboarding session

  • Virtual or in-person option

  • 12-week individualized strategy 

  • 30 days of support via email and/or Voxer

  • 60-minute post-session call 

Want to learn more? Submit a discovery form here.

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